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Nerf Arena in Hays, KS!

Indoor, all-inclusive NERF battles! Open to all boys and girls ages 5+ from Hays and surrounding areas. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun! In case you'd like to bring your young one but aren't sure if they'll like it, we will have a kids room with softer play just for kids under 8!

You can now play in an all-new arena with the not-so-painful Nerf blasters you all know and love! Blasters and darts are provided, but feel free to bring your own unmodified blaster that takes elite darts. Tag others without getting tagged yourself. This is an exciting, fast-paced experience that lasts up to 10 minutes per game. Play as many games as you want within your allotted time.

Great for team building, birthday parties, and family fun!

Concession stand with snacks and drinks for purchase will be available.




Are the Nerf Blasters safe?

Yes! Unlike paintball or airsoft, Nerf blasters use soft foam darts. They are mostly painless and have been around since 1969. We provide (and require) safety glasses, but extra protection like padded clothing is generally unnecessary.

How old does my child need to be?

5 and up! Use your best judgement if you'd like your child to participate. We encourage parents to join in the game with their kids of all ages. Younger children are also welcome to our kids room with softer play options!

Can I bring my own Nerf gear?

Yes! Bring your own unmodified nerf blasters! We provide and recommend that you use our elite darts so that yours do not get lost or damaged. If your blaster takes other ammo, you may bring that in as well but expect some of it to get lost/damaged.

Will there be food/snacks?

Yes! For each event, we have concessions available for purchase. We also host specialty events like pizza parties!

What time should I be there?

Events typically start at 1pm, you can arrive at 12:45pm to start getting your gear ready and be the first in line!

Can I book a birthday party?

Yep! Check our parties page.


We have monthly Laser Tag and NERF events, check our Studio Calendar or HaysFun on Facebook for upcoming events.



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