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Recreational and Competitive Dance in Hays, KS

Over the years, we have added many styles of dance to our offerings. We currently teach ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, and tap. Our schedule follows the school year, starting in fall and ending the following summer. The recreational dance year concludes with Showcase in the beginning of June, while the competititive team goes on to compete at a National dance competition at the end of June.

The staff's love of dance really shows through the quality of the dances at both the recreational and competitive programs. The studio has won many awards for costumes, choreography, judges choice, and best dance studio which comes from an attitude of always improving. A primary goal at SDC is for each and every dancer (and teacher) to improve from the previous year in a caring and supportive environment. The staff works toward this goal by constantly learning new styles and techniques, attending an array of workshops, and bringing amazing talent into the studio every year.

See for yourself!

See what we have to offer at one of our open houses, see what our dancers work all year for at a Showcase, drop off your child for a night of fun at one of our monthly Kids Night Out events, or simply stop by the studio - we'd love to chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does dance cost?
Since the start of our studio, we have not raised our hourly rate. The rate is only $8/hr, so the cost depends on the number of hours your child will attend. For summer, dance rates vary based on age. Ages 3-8 attend class for 1 hour per week over 8 weeks, totaling $64 for the entire summer. Ages 9 and up attend class for 1.5 hours per week over 8 weeks, totaling $96 for the entire summer.

What’s the earliest my child can start?
This of course depends on the child. Usually children are ready to dance at age 3, but give us a call early if you would like more information!

What day of the week will my child dance?
We build a new schedule for each season and try to accomodate everyone's schedules and activities, so the day of week may change from summer to fall/spring.

More Questions?

Please give us a call at 785-259-3604, message us on facebook, send us an email, or stop by the studio at 1501 Main, Hays, Kansas 67601



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